Borgeson Universal Co. Inc. Unveils Groundbreaking Advances in Aftermarket Steering Technology

Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 10:00am UTC

Travelers Rest, SC — Borgeson Universal Co. Inc., renowned for its leadership in aftermarket steering solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest product developments. These innovations promise to significantly enhance the steering performance and safety of various vehicles, including street rods, racing cars, OEM applications, and trucks. With this new product line, Borgeson continues its century-long tradition of delivering high-quality, dependable, and durable steering components that are well-recognized in the industry.

This new range includes state-of-the-art materials and utilizes innovative design techniques that elevate the functionality and safety of vehicle steering systems significantly. "At Borgeson, we are continuously pushing the boundaries to expand what our steering components can achieve," remarked a company spokesperson. "The latest additions to our product line not only elevate performance and safety but also ensure that every driver experiences the unmatched precision and durability that define our brand."

Key enhancements in Borgeson’s new line include improved universal joints, which now offer enhanced articulation and smoother operation. The launch also features advanced vibration reducers that significantly increase driver comfort and vehicle stability. Moreover, the updated product range incorporates stronger and more adaptable steering shafts and supports, alongside newly designed couplers and adapters that ensure easy integration and exceptional performance.

A hallmark of Borgeson's commitment is its dedication to exemplary customer service. The company ensures personalized support and guidance for every client, helping them select the best products tailored to their specific vehicle requirements and driving conditions. "Our objective transcends mere product sales; we strive to ensure that each of our customers achieves optimal steering performance and safety through our products," added the spokesperson.

Borgeson's steadfast dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a leader in the aftermarket steering technology sector. These latest enhancements are a testament to Borgeson's ongoing commitment to excellence and its mission to provide products that not only meet but also surpass customer expectations.

For those interested in more detailed information on Borgeson’s groundbreaking steering technology innovations, please visit Borgeson’s website or contact their technical support team.

About Borgeson Universal Co. Inc.:

Borgeson Universal Co. Inc. has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and supply of superior aftermarket steering components since its founding in 1914. With a history of over a century in innovation and customer satisfaction, Borgeson has built a reputation as a trusted name in the automotive industry. The company's commitment to enhancing the driving experience is evident in its continuous pursuit of technological advancement and superior product quality. Borgeson’s headquarters are located in Travelers Rest, SC, where they continue to lead the industry with a commitment to innovation and customer care.

Borgeson's products are designed to fit a wide variety of applications, ensuring there is a solution for nearly every vehicle type. The company specializes in comprehensive steering conversion kits, steering couplers, universal joints, steering shafts, and more, each designed to provide enhanced performance and safety. As the automotive industry evolves, Borgeson remains at the forefront, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

To explore Borgeson’s full range of products or for assistance in finding the perfect steering solution for your vehicle, visit the Borgeson website or contact their expert technical team. Borgeson is more than just a supplier; it is a partner in a vehicle’s journey toward improved performance and safety.


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